Appointment as Vice Chairman of HKDCA’s Innovation and Technology Research Committee

Date:  06 May 2024

Dear Community Members,

We are thrilled to announce that our distinguished leader, Mr. Paul Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Startup Community (Asia) Limited, has been invited to take on the prestigious role of Vice Chairman for the Innovation and Technology Research Committee at the Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy (HKDCA).

HKDCA, renowned as the central hub for learning, research, and training in digital currency, is at the forefront of promoting and advancing digital currency development across Asia and the global stage. This appointment underscores Mr. Chan’s significant contributions and expertise in the field of digital currency and blockchain technology.


Role and Responsibilities

As the Vice Chairman of the Innovation and Technology Research Committee, Mr. Chan will:

– Collaborate with government bodies, NGOs, educational institutions, and corporations.

– Help build an innovative platform to further digital currency development.

– Contribute towards establishing Hong Kong as a leading Fintech hub in Asia.


Commitment to Innovation

Mr. Chan’s acceptance of this role signifies his commitment to driving forward the impactful changes brought by blockchain technology and digital currency. His leadership will be instrumental in fostering an intelligent and innovative financial ecosystem in Hong Kong.


Acceptance Statement

Mr. Chan has officially accepted this esteemed appointment, effective immediately, and will serve in this capacity until 31 December 2027. He is eager to contribute his expertise and work alongside HKDCA to achieve their visionary goals.

We invite all community members to join us in congratulating Mr. Paul Chan on this remarkable achievement. We are confident that his leadership will bring significant advancements and foster growth within the digital currency sector.


For further details or inquiries, please feel free to contact us or reach out to HKDCA directly at

Warm regards,

Startups Community (Asia) Limited

Email:  [email protected]

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