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Our Services help people in solving
Startup and Networking issues

At Startups Community Asia Ltd, we provide more than a few services tailor-made to the unique needs of the startup ecosystem in Asia. Here’s an in-depth study of each of our services:

Investment Matching

We connect startups with potential buyers who are interested in their industry and commercial enterprise model. This service is of course, superior to others because of our considerable community of buyers and our focus on growing meaningful connections.

Business Matching

We help businesses find potential partners or clients. Our platform’s complete database and smart matching system ensure that startups can discover the most appropriate opportunities that fits their business.

Startup Collaborations

We facilitate collaborations among startups for mutual increase and growth. This could include sharing sources, co-developing merchandise, or getting into joint ventures.

Mentorship Programs

We join startups with experienced mentors in their industry. These mentors offer guidance and help startups navigate demanding situations.

Market Research

We offer startups with important market insights to assist them in making knowledgeable decisions. Our team of analysts leverages numerous statistics and resources to deliver accurate and up-to-date data.

Networking Events

We organize business events, workshops, and meetups to improve the knowledge and technical know-how of participants of our community network and for them to learn from each other.

Why Choose Startups Community
Asia Ltd

By deciding on Startups Community Asia Ltd., you are not just selecting a provider, but a partner who will assist you in your business endeavors.

Comprehensive Services

We provide a extensive range of offerings, which includes investment matching, enterprise matching, and startup collaborations.

Global Network

Our platform brings together startups, company customers, investors, and startup advisors from across Asia.

Strong Partnerships

We have robust partnerships with business experts from around the world. This ensures our platform is strong, stable, and friendly to all.

Expertise and Guidance

Navigate the fundraising maze with our expert advice and industry insights, equipping you with the tools for success.

Investors Network

Leverage our vast network of investors and strategic partners in the Cyberport and HKSTP communities to elevate your startup

Pitch Preparation

Craft a compelling pitch with our tailored support, ensuring your value proposition resonates with investors.

Due Diligence

Benefit from our thorough due diligence process, aligning investor and startup interests for a smoother funding journey.

Time and Energy

Save crucial time and energy with our platform, designed for efficient fundraising and strategic business matching.

Aggregated Information

Access a curated selection of startup news, trends, and resources, all in one place, to keep you at the forefront of innovation.

What Our Clients Say

These reviews paint a vivid picture of Starthub as an innovation oasis for startups. Entrepreneurs praise the comprehensive support, personalized mentorship, and vibrant community that sets Starthub apart.


StartHub is an intelligent matching and membership platform for startup groups in Asia, along with Investment matching,  business matching and Startup matching.   We also provide a range of services tailored to empower startups, including mentorship programs, Startup advisory services

Joining Starthub is easy! Simply visit our website, explore our membership options, and fill out the application form. Our team will review your application, and if accepted, you’ll gain access to our vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

Starthub stands out due to its holistic approach.  We not only provide state-of-the-art intelligent on-line platform,  but also offer off-line networking and matching events. We offer personalized mentorship and advisory services, fostering a collaborative environment where startups can thrive.  Our commitment goes beyond just providing innovation platform;  we’re dedicated to the success of each business we support.

Starthub welcomes startups from various industries. Our diverse community includes tech, healthcare, fintech, and more. We believe in the power of cross-industry collaboration, creating an environment where different perspectives can contribute to collective growth.

Starthub provides guidance and resources to support startups in their fundraising endeavors. This includes investor matching suggestion by the intelligent platform networking events with potential investors, workshops on pitch refinement, and access to a network of mentors who have experience in securing funding. We aim to equip startups with the tools they need to attract investment and scale their businesses.

Exclusive seminar on 31 July (Wed) Funding and Expansion : Strategies for Startups