Startups Community (Asia) Limited and Evident Capital Announce Strategic Partnership to Foster Innovation and Investment in Alternative Assets

[HK, 2 July 2024] – Startups Community (Asia) Limited, the leading platform dedicated to empowering startups and entrepreneurs in Asia, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Evident Capital, a pioneer in the investment of alternative assets. This partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing the growth and development of innovative startups and providing them with access to transformative financial strategies and investments.


Background and Mission Alignment:

Startups Community (Asia) Limited, operating through its platform, has been instrumental in providing resources, networking opportunities, and support to startups across Asia, fostering an environment where new ideas can thrive and receive the visibility they deserve. Evident Capital, known for its revolutionary approach to investing in alternative assets and empowering investors with impactful opportunities, aligns perfectly with’s mission to nurture innovation.


Synergies and Common Interests:

The partnership between Startups Community (Asia) Limited and Evident Capital is built on a shared vision of innovation and sustainable growth. Both organizations are committed to:

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Providing startups with not only funding but also strategic insights into asset management, helping them to scale sustainably.

Innovation in Funding: Leveraging Evident Capital’s expertise in alternative assets to offer startups novel funding avenues that go beyond traditional venture capital.

Sustainable Impact: Focusing on investments that promote sustainability and positive social impact, aligning with global shifts towards responsible business practices.

Access to Global Markets: Helping startups expand their reach into new markets through Evident Capital’s extensive network and financial expertise.

Comments from Leadership:

Paul Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Startups Community (Asia) Limited

Paul Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Startups Community (Asia) Limited, stated, “This partnership with Evident Capital represents a transformative opportunity for Asian startups. Evident’s expertise in alternative investments and our platform’s reach within the startup community will create unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation.”


Florian Matthaeus SpieglFlorian Matthaeus Spiegl, Founder and CEO of Evident Capital, commented, “We are excited to partner with as we see a great synergy between our investment strategies and their robust support ecosystem for startups. Together, we aim to drive substantial impact and empower startups to not only succeed but excel in their respective sectors.”


Future Prospects:

The strategic partnership will kick off with joint programs aimed at education and direct investment opportunities for startups in Asia. These initiatives will include workshops, joint events, and exclusive sessions designed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to engage with alternative assets effectively.


About Startups Community (Asia) Limited:

Startups Community (Asia) Limited operates (, a premier platform that supports startups through resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities aimed at fostering innovation and business growth across Asia.


About Evident Capital:

Evident Capital ( invests in and manages alternative assets, focusing on empowering investors by offering impactful and sustainable investment opportunities. Licensed and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong, Evident Capital is at the forefront of financial innovation.


Contact Information:

For more information, please contact:   [email protected]

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