Startups Community (Asia) Limited Announces Collaboration Partnership with Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association**

[Hong Kong, 18 April 2024] – Startups Community (Asia) Limited, a leading platform dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across Asia, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association (HKIBFA), a prominent organization that promotes the integration of blockchain technology in the financial sector.

Backgrounds and Synergies

Startups Community (Asia) Limited is dedicated to transforming Hong Kong into a thriving hub for startups by providing essential resources, support, and opportunities. With a vision to be the leading digital hub in Hong Kong, the platform empowers entrepreneurs through networking, mentoring, and investment opportunities, driving digital transformation across Asia.

Mission and Vision of Startups Community (Asia) Limited:

Vision: To be the leading digital hub in Hong Kong, ensuring every Asian startup thrives with ample resources, support, and opportunities.

Mission: To empower entrepreneurs with networking and funding opportunities, promoting digital transformation in Hong Kong and across Asia through strategic partnerships.

Focus Areas: Events, Business and Networking, Mentoring and Peer Support, Investment and Fund-raising.

Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association (HKIBFA) promotes the adoption and integration of blockchain technology in the financial industry. The association facilitates collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders, driving innovation and establishing best practices in the use of blockchain.


Description: HKIBFA serves as a pivotal platform for advancing blockchain technology in the financial sector, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration.

Goals: To enhance understanding and implementation of blockchain technologies among financial institutions, promote regulatory advancements, and support startups and established enterprises in navigating the blockchain ecosystem.

Impact: Through its initiatives, HKIBFA has significantly contributed to the dialogue and development of blockchain policies, helping to shape a robust framework for technology adoption in financial services.

Common Interests and Synergies

This collaboration partnership leverages the complementary strengths of both organizations to create mutual benefits such as:

Knowledge Sharing and Expertise Exchange: Bridging HKIBFA’s blockchain expertise with Startups Community (Asia) Limited’s entrepreneurial focus will provide startups with comprehensive insights into blockchain applications.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Members of both platforms will benefit from expanded access to a network of industry leaders, potential investors, and collaborators across both the blockchain and startup ecosystems.

Joint Events and Programs: The organizations will co-host events designed to educate and connect members about emerging trends and opportunities at the intersection of startups and blockchain technology.

Resource Sharing: A wealth of resources such as research publications, market insights, and case studies will be shared, helping members make informed strategic decisions.

Forward-Looking Statements

Paul Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Startups Community (Asia) Limited, remarked, “Our partnership with HKIBFA is a testament to our commitment to driving digital transformation and innovation. Together, we are setting a new standard for how startups can leverage cutting-edge technologies like blockchain to revolutionize industries across Asia.”


This collaboration partnership is poised to redefine collaboration in the blockchain and startup communities, providing a comprehensive platform for growth and innovation. Both Startups Community (Asia) Limited and HKIBFA are committed to equipping their members with the tools and connections needed to thrive in a digital world.

For further information, please contact: [email protected]

About Startups Community (Asia) Limited (

A leading digital hub in Hong Kong dedicated to empowering startups with networking, funding, and developmental opportunities to foster digital transformation across Asia.

About Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association (

A pivotal organization that promotes the integration of blockchain technology in the financial sector, fostering innovation, collaboration, and regulatory advancements.

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