Testimonials & Success Stories

Our mission is to democratise angel investment. We want to help as many startup businesses as possible raise investment. So, it makes us very happy when successful entrepreneurs tell us that they’ve succeeded on the platform. Check out some examples from happy users below…perhaps yours could be next?

Digital marketing

About X Lead

The team consists of engineers, UX designers, platform designers, and marketing strategy analysts. With years of digital marketing experience, they provide businesses with the most professional user analysis and customer acquisition strategies.



Securli cybersecurity expertise has over 15 years of experience managing security and IT operations from local to global organizations. They are a pioneer as Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provider to serve their client starting in 2015 and have proven results to reduce attacks (MTTD) by over 91% and response time (MTTR) by 99%. Securli delivers visible results with precision, performance, and professionalism; .

AI and NLP

Asiabots Ltd. is an Artificial Intelligence & voice technology company. It specialises in automating business processes through its innovative A.I. solution and technology. Asiabots is working with banks and insurance companies on RegTech and SupTech applications, 


ILK Learning is a one-stop on demand learning platform, centralizes all the learning services and classes across the market in one place. They want to be a leading one-stop on demand learning platform for parents and kids to register diverse classes and learning services across the market in a few finger clicks. 


Based on the re-engineering of different materials, our patented core technologies cover innovative sound & voice applications, including Material Resonance Sound Technology & Material Conduction Sound Technology.  the solution is perfect to help achieve much clearer sound reception. It is a non-invasive design of out-fitting consumer electronic design.”


A multidisciplinary game development company who strives to build whole new experiences and dimension of game play for players

We are delighted that ATV Slam has won the HKICT 2020 Gold Award under Digital Entertainment Award (Entertainment and eSports Stream). 

3MindWave also captured the HKICR 2020 Digital Entertainment 
Grand Award!