UK Tech Mission to Hong Kong – Organized by Tech West England Advocates (UK)

UK Tech Mission to Hong Kong - Organized by Tech West England Advocates (UK)

Tech West England Advocates (UK) is proud to organize the upcoming UK Tech Mission to Hong Kong, scheduled for 21st – 25th October 2024. This pivotal event serves as your gateway to the Asia Pacific market, providing unparalleled opportunities for UK tech companies looking to expand their horizons.

StartHub Asia’s mission is to foster the growth of the innovation and technology industry in Hong Kong while aligning with the dual circulation strategy. We are committed to supporting our startup community by facilitating meaningful connections, enhancing technological exchanges, and promoting sustainable business practices across borders.

Event Highlights

Sunday, 20th October: Arrival and accommodation in Hong Kong.

Monday, 21st October: Market insights, VIP reception at the British Consulate General, and Reverse Investor Pitch Event at Eaton Club.

Tuesday, 22nd October: Visit to Hong Kong Science & Technology Park.

Wednesday, 23rd October: Cyberport Tour and UK Tech Founders Showcase at Eaton Club.

Thursday, 24th October: Participation in StartmeupHK Festival Events and Business Matching sessions.

Friday, 25th October: Business Matching and End of Mission Celebration Event.

Organizers and Key Partners

Tech West England Advocates (UK) collaborates with prominent organizations including:

– UK Department for Business and Trade

– InvestHK

– Hong Kong Science & Technology Park

– Cyberport

– Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund

– Hong Kong Trade & Development Council

Pre-Mission Briefings

Participants are invited to pre-mission briefings with our Hong Kong partners to introduce themselves and their tech companies, developing early opportunities for business matching ahead of their arrival in Hong Kong.

Support for Your Tech Company

Your tech company will be promoted in our official Mission Delegation Pack, which will be issued to all our Hong Kong partners in advance of your arrival. This ensures maximum exposure and prepares the ground for potential collaborations and partnerships.

For Startup Entrepreneurs Seeking Unmatched Opportunities

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect your startup with some of the most influential figures in the Asia Pacific tech ecosystem. Whether you are a UK-based tech company looking to expand into Asia or a Hong Kong startup interested in learning more about the UK tech ecosystem, this mission offers invaluable insights and connections.


Why Join?

Expand Your Network: Engage with key investors, industry leaders, and potential partners from both the UK and Hong Kong.

Gain Market Insights: Learn about the latest market trends, business opportunities, and regulatory landscapes in both regions.

Showcase Your Innovations: Present your tech solutions to a global audience and explore collaborative opportunities.

Leverage Dual Ecosystems: Understand how the UK’s vibrant tech ecosystem can complement and enhance your business strategies in Asia, and vice versa.

For Hong Kong Entrepreneurs: If you are eager to delve into the UK tech ecosystem, gain knowledge on market entry strategies, or seek partnerships with UK tech companies, this is a prime opportunity. Arrange a meeting with Tech West England Advocates and their partners during their visit to Hong Kong to explore these possibilities.

To Register or Inquire:

UK Startups: Register for our mission or join a mission briefing by emailing: [email protected]

Hong Kong Entrepreneurs: Send an inquiry to arrange a good time to discuss your interests and how you can benefit from connecting with UK tech leaders during their stay in Hong Kong.

[email protected]


Role of StartHub Asia

StartHub Asia is proud to support this delegation Tech Mission, aligning with our vision and mission of fostering innovation and connecting global tech ecosystems. As a key platform, StartHub Asia provides the necessary infrastructure and support for startups to thrive, facilitating cross-border collaborations and ensuring that both UK and Hong Kong startups can maximize their growth potential.

This event is designed to foster cross-border collaboration, drive innovation, and support the growth of the tech industry in both the UK and Hong Kong. Make the most of this opportunity to build lasting relationships and propel your startup to new heights.

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