Startups Community (Asia) Limited and Hong Kong International Family Office Association Announce Collaboration Partnership

Startups Community (Asia) Limited, the leading platform dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Asia, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with the Hong Kong International Family Office Association (HKIFOA), a key organization committed to the advancement and support of family offices in the region.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in bridging the gap between innovative startups and established family offices, facilitating a mutual exchange of knowledge, resources, and investment opportunities.

Backgrounds and Synergies:

Startups Community (Asia) Limited provides a dynamic ecosystem for startups, offering essential resources such as funding opportunities, mentorship, and market exposure. Its platform,, is renowned for connecting emerging businesses with a network of investors, industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs, fostering growth and innovation within the startup community.

Hong Kong International Family Office Association serves as a pivotal resource for family offices in Asia, providing education, networking, and advocacy to enhance the management and preservation of family-owned assets. HKIFOA’s focus on education and sustainable investment aligns with the latest trends in global finance and technology.

Common Interests and Synergies:

Innovation and Investment: This partnership will provide HKIFOA members with direct access to innovative startups and new technologies, opening up new investment landscapes and collaboration opportunities.

Educational Exchange: Both organizations will co-host seminars, workshops, and webinars, leveraging their networks to educate both startups and family offices on trends such as digital transformation, ESG considerations, and global market dynamics.

Networking and Resource Sharing: Joint events will facilitate networking, allowing startups to gain insights into family office expectations and needs, while family offices can tap into fresh ideas and innovative business models emerging from the vibrant startup ecosystem.

– Advocacy and Policy Influence: Together, both entities will work towards influencing policies that support technological and financial innovation, creating a more favorable environment for startups and investors alike.

Statements from the Leadership:

Paul Chan, Co-founder & CEO of Startups Community (Asia) Limited stated, “We are excited to partner with HKIFOA, as this collaboration aligns with our vision to empower startups and integrate them within the broader economic framework of Asia and explore the funding resources opportunities. Together, we will unlock new opportunities and foster an environment where innovation thrives.”

Dr. Peter Luk, Executive Vice Chariman of HKIFOA remarked, “This partnership with Startups Community (Asia) Limited is a strategic step towards enriching our ecosystem with cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial spirit. It will not only provide our members with valuable investment opportunities but also deepen our understanding of the startup landscape.”

About Startups Community (Asia) Limited: (

Startups Community (Asia) Limited is dedicated to building a supportive ecosystem for startups in Asia, through its platform, providing tools, connections, and resources crucial for business growth and success.

About Hong Kong International Family Office Association: (

HKIFOA is committed to the development and support of family offices in Asia, offering educational resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy to enhance asset management and legacy planning.

Contact Information:  [email protected]

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